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Tripod Systems offer product engineering solutions in the field of Telecom and Embedded systems. Our expertise include software for Mobile Handsets, Analogue, Digital and IP Phones and other Consumer Electronic Devices.

Highlights of our bandwidth are

1) MMI for different devices.
2) Mobile Applications on Symbian, Brew, WM and Embedded Linux
3) Device Drivers
4) Base OS Porting
5) Expertise on Stacks like TCP/IP, SIP, RTP.
6) Experience on 2G, 3G, VoIP Protocols
7) Multimedia expertise in Audio, Video and Speech Codecs

In our continuous quest to keep pace with latest technology developments we pride ourselves in
providing cutting edge solutions for our customers to keep them step ahead in the market. We strive
to be early adapters of technology to be in a position to help our customers make a right business

Our technology expertise include

1) Multiple Mobile OS Platforms like Symbian, Brew, WM, Linux, Android
2) Experts on Embedded Programming in C. C++
3) JAVA and Game Programming
4) RTOS like Micro C, Nucleus and VxWorks
5) Expertise on OS like UNIX and Windows

With these skills we are also geared up to do any customized solutions that our customer might need to realize.

For your personalized solution contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Technologies

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